Reflecting back and Looking Forward: ACB Next Generation (by Hindley Williams)

On February 22, 2023, ACB Next Generation celebrated its third birthday. Next Generation is a unique affiliate, and leaders and members alike agree there is nothing quite like it anywhere else. Rather than focusing on a specific occupation, hobby, or condition, ACB Next Generation welcomes all blind and low vision individuals between the ages of … Read more

Music to My Ears: Replaying The 2022 SongSight Music Mentoring Retreat By Greg Lindberg

Group photo of the SongSight 2022 participants taken in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  This past August, I got a text from Steven, a friend of mine. He asked if I had heard about the SongSight Music Mentoring Retreat, a brand-new event being put on by legally blind American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre and several of his colleagues who are plugged into the music scene. The group was … Read more

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