ACB Next Generation Committees

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Advocacy/Legislative Committee:

This committee shall develop and implement advocacy strategies relating to matters of interest to, and pertaining to the rights of, the ACB Next Generation membership; monitor relevant legislative matters; and provide advocacy assistance and/or legislative information to the ACB Next Generation Board, members, and affiliates.

Chair: Aaron Espinoza

Members: TBD

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Budget/Finance Committee:

Due to the nature of the information to which we are exposed and for which we are responsible, this committee is made up of the Treasurer and other individuals from the ACB Next Generation Board of Directors. Our primary task is to meet annually to develop ACB Next Generation’s annual budget after seeking input from the committee chairs on their respective sections and comparing these projections to past results to arrive at a proposal. Throughout the year, we may receive, for review, proposals from committee chairs or Board members to revise the budget. We also review any significant discrepancies between budgeted and actual expenses as brought to our attention by the Treasurer and may propose a budget item revision after our review. We are responsible for creating and documenting any policies and procedures relating to ACB Next Generation’s financial matters. If ACB Next Generation considers applying for and/0or receives any grants, we would review the terms of such grants to determine feasibility or compliance, respectively. Having a sound financial position is the foundation for all that ACB Next Generation is able to do, and we hope you will consider joining our Board and serving on this important committee.

Chair: Maria Kristic

Members: Moe Carpenter

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Constitution and Bylaws/Resolutions Committee:

The Constitution and Bylaws/Resolutions Committee considers and drafts changes to the ACB Next Generation Constitution and Bylaws. We provide interpretation of our governing documents as needed, draft organizational policies for the Board of Directors, consider and draft resolutions to be presented to the ACB Next Generation membership or ACB at large, etc.

Chair: Matt Selm

Members: Maria Kristic, Merisa Musemic

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Convention Committee:

The Convention Committee takes programming to a whole new level. While this committee is not active all 12 months of the year, we pack a lot of punch into a short period of time. Together we brainstorm programming for the annual ACB National Conference and Convention with a focus on a balance of social and educational event opportunities. We develop the content and partner with other affiliates and subject matter experts to ensure each event is well rounded. We partner with the Fundraising Committee to focus on fundraising for the auction, Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk, and door prizes for our registrants. We develop the promotion plan to partner with the Public Relations Committee to ensure we broadcast the events and fundraising opportunities to our membership and beyond through such channels as social media, YouTube teasers, radio spots, and our Web site. We are always looking for new partners who are doers and are driven to get a lot of work done in a short period of time and who want the biggest sense of accomplishment and pride at the conclusion of convention week each July.

Co-Chairs: Melanie Sinohui and Cassie Trosper

Members: TerriLynn Higashi, Danielle (DJ) McIntyre, Gregg Wandsneider, Hindley Williams

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Fundraising Committee:

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for bringing in funds for the future plans of ACB Next Generation and our various committees. Through our revenue generating events like ACB sponsored fundraisers such as the Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk and the MMS Program, as well as working with national fundraising companies, we are able to make sure we can keep ACB Next Generation running. These funds ensure ACB Next Generation can; advertise our affiliate, host and maintain our website, hold events during the annual ACB National Conference and Convention, and keep our Zoom Rooms active for our programs, to name just a few. This Committee is also responsible for making sure ACB Next Generation can grow into the future. Examples of some future plans are; technology grants, convention attendance assistance, and scholarships. If you are eager to help ACB Next Generation grow toward a bright future, then the Fundraising Committee may be for you.

Chair: Moe Carpenter, Vice-Chair: Amber Steet

Members: Jennifer Bolling, TerriLynn Higashi, Maria Kristic, Lindsey LaVere, Janeen Lea, Megan Meigs, Kelsey Nicolay, Amber Steet

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Membership Committee:

The membership committee manages the membership roster, sends notices or renewals, works in concert with other committees to devise membership perks and incentives, and generally focuses on recruiting and retaining members.

Chair: Matt Selm

Members: Shane Aguilera, Janeen Lea, Greg Lindberg, Kenneth Semien Sr., Gregg Wandsneider

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Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee is responsible for implementing the annual election process. We don’t work for a long period of time (usually October through December), but what we do is vital to the running of the organization. This committee sends out the mandatory notices of the election, presents the membership with biographies of all candidates running, hosts a Candidates’ Forum, coordinates the election, and presents the results to the membership each December. Members on this committee must be extremely detail oriented, have exemplary time management skills, and cannot be running for office.

Chair: TBD in Q4 2022

Members: TBD in Q4 2022

Contact the Nominating Committee:

Programs Committee:

The Programs Committee meets monthly to brainstorm and plan programs and events for both our members and ACB at large. Besides our in house programs with our members, we network with other affiliates and committees to create both education and social events. Our team is also in charge of creating the programming for our monthly Saturday Night Live Hangouts program, typically the 4th Saturday of the month.

Chair: Kristen Kelling

Members: Shane Aguilera, Lindsey LaVere, Andy Smith, Vika Trussell

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Public Relations and eCommunications Committee:

The Public Relations Committee is the nervous system of ACB Next Generation. We strive to have a strong social media presence, from keeping everyone engaged in our Facebook ACB Next Generation Neighborhood Group, to shining a bright light on each one of our ACB Next Generation members, to having an exclusive Facebook Messenger group called the ACB NextGen Lounge. We work to keep up with the latest trends on Instagram and Ti k-tok, and stay in touch with everyone in our very own Clubhouse. Keeping the public informed and engaged is our main goal by providing high-quality content to everyone. Have you seen the bright and shiny new ACB Next Generation logo? That was the Public Relations Committee at its best. Are you enjoying the exclusive perks of being an ACB Next Generation member? It’s the creative minds of our PR Committee members at their finest who ensure you feel this way. In a world that keeps evolving, we are the committee that does its best to always be at least two steps ahead.

Co-Chairs: Vika Trussell and Danielle (DJ) McIntyre

Members: Joey Couch, Greg Lindberg, Andy Smith, Gregg Wandsneider, Hindley Williams

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Publications Committee:

The Publications Committee oversees the production and distribution of publications and other forms of content geared toward members of the affiliate. These may include a newsletter, blog, podcast, and both one-time and “living” publications that are updated over time. The publications are primarily produced and distributed electronically for convenience and accessibility.

Chair: Greg Lindberg

Members: Michael Babcock, Moe Carpenter, Amber Grant, Melanie Sinohui, Hindley Williams

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Website Committee:

The Website Subcommittee is made up of dedicated individuals who seek to provide a one-stop shop and state-of-the-art Web site. The Web site is designed to be the place to find everything from upcoming ACB Next Generation events, articles about our members’ personal and professional accomplishments, and our podcasts covering a variety of topics. Having a foundational web presence provides our affiliate with a global audience and anyone with a computer or smartphone can visit to learn about the great work our affiliate is doing for the blind and visually impaired community.

Chair: Michael Babcock

Members: Maria Kristic, Greg Lindberg, Melanie Sinohui, Cassie Trosper

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