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This is where you can find our latest ways to give your generous donations to help ACB Next Generation continue to offer great services and fun activities to our members. We truly would like to extend a huge thanks to you and your donation. No matter how small or large your support helps us out tremendously and we here at ACB Next Generation are truly grateful for your generosity. Below you will find the latest fund raising opportunities.



Other events to look out for are our annual Popcorn fundraiser in June and our See’s Candy fundraiser in November.

This October we will be releasing the first edition of our ACB Next Generation cookbook. Ordering information will be coming soon.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or opportunities by emailing us at


Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk

Check back in April 2023 for information on the next walk.


Donate via Facebook:

You can also donate using the button on our Facebook business page:



Facebook Birthday Fundraisers:

If you would like to set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser for ACB Next Generation, visit:


Shop With RaiseRight:

You can help ACB Next Generation raise money using In short, you use the site to purchase gift cards, and in turn, a donation is made to ACB Next Generation by the participating brand.

For enrollment information please contact:


MMS (Monthly Monitory Support)

Sign up through ACB and set up to give the affiliates of your choosing up to 50% of your monthly donation.


We are found on RoundUp App!

This is another way to give monthly, but gives you a little more control of how you give. The app rounds purchases to the nearest whole dollar, and donates the extra change to the charities of your choice. You can even set it up to not give more than a certain amount, or to make sure you are always giving up to a certain amount. App available on IOS and Google Play.


For additional information or opportunities, please reach out to us at

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