Understanding Memorial Day: Remembering the Reasons

Understanding Memorial Day: Remembering the Reasons (by Cassie Trosper)  Every year, I feel mixed emotions when it comes to Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Although they serve similar purposes, each day celebrates two different sets of military service members. As a United States Army veteran, I am not offended if someone says “Happy Memorial Day, … Read more

Passion Project Portal: Meet DJ McIntyre (by Hindley Williams)

DJ McIntyre’s dedication to the ACB Next Generation affiliate stems from a passion for blindness and low vision concerns. She currently serves as the co-chair of the Public Relations Committee and is a member of the Convention Committee and Publications Committee. While DJ’s work with Next Generation certainly keeps her busy, she has many additional … Read more

Reflecting on the Early Days of ACB Next Generation with the Original Steering Committee

In the inaugural episode of the Next Up with NextGen podcast, we reflect on the early days of ACB Next Generation with the five original members of the Steering Committee. These include Amanda and Matt Selm, Maria Kristic, Greg Lindberg, and Lisa Cushman. The facilitator for this episode is Amber Grant. Learn more about ACB … Read more

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